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External CMO Services


Why pay for another full-time C-suite

executive, along with the benefits and overhead that come with it when you can get all of the expertise you need, exactly when you need it by hiring an external Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at a price you can afford?

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BD  Marketing​​









Marketing strategies should directly result in an expansion of your client lists and more business coming through your door. If your current  marketing efforts are not helping you accomplish these goals, my innovative
Business Development Marketing 
approach will help you fix that!

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Corporate Culture​​











Corporate Culture is the foundation of all successful businesses! Let me help you build an authentic, innovative and energized environment for your team. 

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Events & Conferences

From weekly office business meetings to annual conferences to milestone anniversary extravaganzas, each and every single Event or Conference with your company's stamp on it should be unique, memorable and meet your desired outcome with flair.

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Leadership Training

I can teach your company's Future Leaders to become the strong networkers,  incredible presenters, influential sales-people and great communicators you need them to be so they can continue to move your organization forward.

Professional Development

Need assistance with interviewing skills, writing a proposal, creating strong resumes, knowing how to network your way into productive meetings with prospective clients or employers? Look no further, I can help you with all of your Professional Development needs.