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Kelly Jackson
Executive Director

"Brandy is a natural leader, connector, event planner, writer, people person, organizer, and creative individual that puts
110% into everything
she does.

Because she has such a
strong markeing and public relations background, she brings added value to all of her committee work, 
event planning and program management experience.

She is beyond qualified to guide business owners
about  strategic planning, business development,

culture-related programs, conferences, client-based entertainment and
large-scale events.

Because she is passionate about making a difference in this world, she puts forth all of her outstanding leadership capabilities, marketing savvy and abundant talents to make every project, program or event a huge success!

She is truly a gifted networker, collaborator, and an asset to all who know her." 

Chris Mathews 
BFW Engineering & Testing
Branch Manager

First and foremost, Brandy has lots of heart and she puts it into everything she does.

She has been an instrumental part of helping establish our team in a new market, doing everything from making new connections for us
to training new business
development staff.


Brandy excels at knowing people and knowing how
to treat people and truly making everyone she meets feel like she's family to her.

She did an incredible job executing on everything we asked of her and more.

I could not recommend her more highly!

Phoenix solutions logo.png
James T. Gordon
Phoenix Solutions
Owner, CEO

I’d like to take a moment and gush about Brandy Scheer with Scheer Resources…

I met Brandy in the summer of 2021 and it was immediately apparent that she’s an amazing woman to know both personally and professionally.

Brandy is very connected and caring, I mean she *really* cares about people. She cares about results too. She is very hard-working and knows how to be graciously persistent.

Brandy knows how to light it up and relentlessly execute because she’s so committed to the success of those she’s serving. She brings an equal degree of heart to the table and cares deeply about the shared impact and legacy between her and her clients. She knows that the force multiplication created from leveraging shared resources is huge and she’ll make that leverage happen.

Brandy is a phenomenal coach and consultant. Over the ten months that she worked with my business she was constantly ten x’ing our ideas. It’s one thing to be able to level up an idea but Brandy also brings the connections and skills needed to make those ideas a reality.

Brandy is massively generous. She’s opened the door for me and my business to some game-changing connections, connections that I’m super excited to see where they go. My business has new long-term clients because of the work that she’s done for us.

Brandy is the following equation…

PR + marketing strategy + nonprofit connector + world-class networker + business development + all-around exceptional human = Brandy Scheer

Imagine all the time and resources spent to track all of the above down and on-ramp that talent and pay them only to have average results.

Well, with Brandy you get all of this and I highly recommend you get to know her and work with her and create some exceptional results!

Lisa J. Reed
Reed Burkett Lighting Design

"If you are an entrepreneur like me, you have a to-do list a mile long and you know you should be doing all these things but you’re just not getting to all of them - You need Brandy Scheer and Scheer Resources.

Brandy took my long to-do list and supplemented it, turning it into a systematic marketing plan. After that, she kept us accountable and on-task as we worked our way through the plan. Even better, she worked alongside our team on business development and became a passionate advocate for Envision Lighting Design in theArchitecture/
Construction world.

She is a connected connector. She has big ideas. She isn’t afraid of anything. She gets things done. There’s no need to spend your time and energy being overwhelmed.

Brandy Scheer is the RESOURCE you need for marketing direction and business development guidance.."

Trey Coad
SCI Engineering
Vice President

"I can speak for the entire leadership team at SCI Engineering when I say
what a joy it has been working alongside Brandy and that her commitment, unlimited energy and ability to motivate others are commendable at the
highest level.

She provided outstanding strategic direction to our leadership team and her marketing skills helped us transform our program, website and social media presence. 

Her onboarding and
attitude helped us shape
our company's culture program as well.

Brandy's positivity and energy will certainly
fuel her future successes."

Kerry Smith
St. Louis CNR
(Construction News and Review)

Combine creativity, professionalism in all respects, unbridled kindness and enthusiasm, and the result of this magical combination is Brandy Scheer. It has been my pleasure to interact and work with Brandy in multiple contexts over the past several years, and I'm the better for it. Brandy's fierce dedication to her craft, her team-focused approach, her respect for learning and mentoring, and her ability to motivate and encourage others are rare talents in business today. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with Brandy whenever the opportunity arises. She loves what she does and it's genuinely evident.

Bolden Logo with White Background.png
Gerry Bolden
President, Owner

“Miracle worker” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about what Brandy has done for us.

She assured us that she could connect us with the right people in town, as well as help us create a great marketing and business development plan for our company, and she has delivered exactly what she promised and more. I think she really does know everyone in the A/E/C industry here in St. Louis, which makes her an invaluable person to have on our team.

Brandy’s ability to carefully listen to our aspirations and put together a strategic plan to get us where we want to go is priceless.
Furthermore, she is personally helping us to achieve each milestone goal set forth in our plan.

Brandy has my highest recommendation because she has helped us launch our business forward, and we are confident that due to her guidance, we’re headed in the right direction.”

Kathy Thomas-Dietz
Hope Creates
Founder/Executive Director

"Brandy Scheer brings energetic enthusiasm to any project she takes on.

She is a passionate planner and strategist full of dynamic ideas to engage target audiences. 

She is well-connected to resources in St. Louis and will leverage them to everyone's advantage to execute events exceptionally. 

Her time on the Hope Creates Board was marked with effective programming and a fun attitude.

Dave Woolley
STL Navy League
Vice President

"It has been my extreme pleasure and privilege to work closely with Brandy in our shared efforts on behalf of military members, veterans and their families.

I am especially impressed
with her ability to recruit and mentor quality volunteers as well as her incredible skills in managing and organizing the many moving parts necessary to plan and execute our 
state-wide organization's programs, collaborate with national leadership initiatives and bring together numerous entites to accomplish amazing results for large and complex events.

Brandy has a heart for service which is evident in all she does. It is an honor to know her as both a colleague and a friend."

Marcena Gunter
VA Health Care
Public Affairs Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brandy on several events and boards. Brandy’s recommendations were always eagerly sought and applied.

She is a skilled and highly intelligent leader, dedicated professional, creative marketer and always produces the highest quality programs and events.

It's remarkable to have someone that understands the top-level vision but also has the ability to follow through on the smallest details.

She has superb organizational skills and works tirelessly to ensure excellence in her work.

She is well-known throughout our community for her ability to plan and transform programs into one- of-a-kind events that well exceeded the programmatic goals.

I’m very impressed with her communications skills, have  learned so much from her and look forward to working with her on future programs."

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